Join & Fly

Joining Euregio

Euregio is run through FSHub. This is a free platform that logs your flights, and is used in conjunction with Landing Rate Monitor (LRM). Here’s how you join:

  1. Sign up for an FSHub account
  2. Apply to join the airline
  3. Download LRM

Setting up LRM

For LRM to work, you must either have FSUIPC installed, or you must be using the beta version that uses SimConnect.

  1. Start LRM
  2. Go to Edit > Preferences
  3. Click “Link LRM to your FsHub Account” and sign in
  4. Check “Enable Virtual Airline features”

Logging Euregio Flights

When you’re ready to go flying:

  1. Start LRM
  2. Select “[EUG] Euregio Airlines” from the list of profiles. If it’s not there, click the ‘sync’ button and it should appear.
  3. Go to Map > Route plan
  4. Enter your route or import it from SimBrief
  5. Go flying!

You can see your progress on FsHub and, after you land, your flight will be logged in your logbook and on the Euregio pages of FsHub