europe’s regional airline


Route Network

Our route network is wide and varied. We operate scheduled services between smaller regional airports across Europe, as well as to and from larger airports in our focus cities. We also provide ad-hoc charter services.


We operate a diverse fleet, from the classic BAe 146 aircraft we acquired for our launch in 1986 to modern Boeing 737s. You can explore our full fleet and download complete MSFS livery packages for each aircraft type below.


Euregio is all about enjoying flight simulation. For some of you, this will mean sticking to our published schedules and making sure every flight is logged. For others, it will mean downloading our liveries and flying when, where and how you like. All flight simmers are very welcome here.

Route Network

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Flying with us

Joining Us

Euregio operates on FSHub. This is where you can delve more deeply into our route network and log your flights. You can find full details on how to join and how to log flights with us here.

We’d also love you to be part of our community on the FilbertFlies Discord server.

Pilot Resources

The FSHub site gives you everything you need to get up and running as a Euregio pilot. If, however, you’d like to know even more about Euregio, download vPilot VMR files for model matching and be among the first to hear about the latest business developments, you can check out our Google Drive.

Here you’ll find our full route list in spreadsheet format, further details about our fleet, the latest liveries that are not yet on and more.

Vatsim & IVAO Tips

All Euregio flights operate with the ICAO code EUG and the callsign “Euregio”.

When filing your flight plan, place the following in the remarks section to help controllers address you correctly:

“Callsign Euregio (YOU-REE-JIO)”